Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saiga-12 Molle Pouches

I have been making pouches for 10rnd Saiga-12 mags for a long time, but just never sat down to make a few to put up on the site. Here are three styles of retention; flapped, bungee and elastic. I can't do a kydex insert because of the size/shape of the mags and even these pouches will not fit evenly on the 1.5" molle spacing. The pouches are 3.5-4" wide so to get an even molle column amount you need to run two on 5 columns.

The flap on this pouch is adjustable for using 8 or 5 rnd mags.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fold down GPS pouch

While hiking I noticed how often I check my GPS for distance and elevation information and along the same lines as the fold down radio pouch I thought of this. The GPS shown(Garmin vista HCX and Garmin Summit) is 4"x2.5"x1" unit. There is a small hole cut in the vinyl to allow for the navigation toggle on the Vista. One prototype uses a full cordura shell and the other is made with 2" webbing as the backing. The GPS unit can be removed by folding over the elastic and sliding it out. Also as an option is shock cord to suspend the pouch as it folds down. Both are molle mounted but could easily be used on a belt.

33rnd glock 9mm mag pouch

This pouch holds 4 33rnd 9mm Glock mags. This particular customer requested buckles for retention but this pouch could easily be made with velcro.

Competition rig V3

Because of some interest and a request made by a customer I made another variation of the competition chest rig. This rig has velcro flaps instead of the kydex inserts. Each mag pouch is only single deep. This particular one is done in Ranger Green. Shown in the side mag area is an MP5 mag and a 33rnd 9mm Glock mag.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IOTV panel carrier in Multicam

This is an OTV (outer tactical vest) built for the IOTV panels. This particular vest is slick and low profile. The vest has internal front/rear plate pockets and side plate pockets built into the cummerbund. The side plate pockets are molle mounted so that they can be moved to accommodate the users size. This vest can easily be made with molle webbing and a cummerbund. This particular vest does not have attachment points for DAPS, Groin and ballistic Yoke but that could be an option if needed.

Fold down radio pouch v2

I had wanted to redo this design and refine it a bit. I am still trying to find a solution to make it able to be fully manipulated with one hand and still remain secure with a buckle. this is the latest iteration. The radio can be removed by the shock cord tab. the radio is held horizontal by the shock cord on the sides and as the entire shock cord system is one piece the tension can be controlled by the cord lock on the front.

Paper keeper notebook

This is a small notebook to carry multiple sheets of 81/2" x 11" paper in vinyl protectors as well as a small notebook and writing implements on the front cover. The back side of the front cover has velcro for adding patches. When folded and zipped up the width is about 1".